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Welcome to the world of Mijime Da

Kataki's wants to kill all the people that were involved in the murder of his parents. He has been hunting them down for years. It just so happens that these people were corrupt cops. A friend of his by the name of Kigan is on the force. He is full of pride because his family has a history of service as policeman, officers, etc. He finds out that Kataki has been killing cops and his pride makes confront Kataki. Without knowing of the mens true nature, he engages in battle with Kataki. Out of fear and confusion, Kigan stabs Kataki.
When Kataki comes to, he is in a strange world with a monkey looking creature over top of him. The monkey explains that his name is Iri and he was inside the sword that Kataki was stabbed with. He was pushed into Kataki's body when he was stabbed. He tells Kataki that if he wants to live, he has to travel through this world and find away to connect his mind together. When Kataki questions about this world, Iri tells him: he is trapped in his own mind". How will Kataki get out of his own head?




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